Alltagstaugliche Tipps und Bücher, Bücher, Bücher

Alltagstaugliche Tipps und Bücher, Bücher, Bücher

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Excerpt - Duocarns - The Arrival

Duocarns - The Arrival is the first book of an 6 book series.
Up to now its only available in German - but, its on the way to be translated by Beatrice. Therefore today I am able to give you an small excerpt:

The story: On the hunt for their archenemies, the Bacanis, five attractive Duocarn alien warriors and their spaceship are stranded near the Kanadian city of Calgary.

Their leader Solutosan, like his men, was endowed with extraordinary abilities. Solutosan slowly becomes aware of his erotic attraction to humans. The energetic Aiden manages to win his love.

Even the homosexual warrior Tervenarius admired for the first time by the real-estate agent David. Tervenarius is elusive at first, but David is not discouraged by rejection. The situation is escalating!

The Duocarns suspect that the Bacanis are also on Earth. Though diverted by lusty adventures, the Duocarn warriors search for them unwaveringly.

The Bacanis who landed in Vancouver have less luck than their enemies. With their ruthless, domineering boss Bar, they go on a rampage, consuming and murdering their way into mankind. Bar establishes a drug empire, unaware that his old enemies are silently watching him…

About the author:  Pat McCraw wrote short stories all her life. After the death of her husband she began her big “Duocarn” work. Influenced by their youngest daughter and her penchant for fanfiction and yaoi, she created in her erotic fantasy book series fascinating dream-men that make more than one heart beat faster. She lives with her three children and two dogs in the Eifel region in Germany.


The delicately colored veil between the Eastern and Northern moon of Duonalia moved aside. Solutosan squeezed his eyes shut. There they were! A Bacani  spacecraft had tried to use the moon as cover in an effort to escape unseen . The patrol had been worth it after all.

    "Chrom, can you see them?" he asked, impatiently.

    "No." Chrom’s eyes wandered around on the screen.

    "Damn! Look to the left! "

     Solutosan jumped to the main screen and tapped his finger on the left corner. At that moment, the little black dot disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared.

    "Do you see them now?"

    Chrom finally nodded and his fingers flew over the four keyboards on the main console.

    By Vraan! Was the navigator blind today?

    Solutosan threw himself into the big swivel chair, his hands tight on his knees. The hunting fever had gripped him. He felt the tension rise among his warriors.  Apart from the gentle touch of Chrom’s fingers on the keyboards, it was suddenly eerily quiet in the control room.

    Xanmeran stepped behind his chair. "Where in the world do they want to go?" he asked Chrom. 

    Chrom did not answer, but concentrated further on navigating.

    Patallia, on his medical console and Tervenarius at communications were holding their breath. As the veil thickened, the Bacani spacecraft appeared only sporadically on their screen. Meanwhile, though, always growing bigger and closer.

    "Don’t lose those damn parasites!"

    Chrom glanced at him with his violet eyes. Solutosan held his gaze. What were the Bacanis but parasites anyway? And the Duocarns were the exterminators who were hunting this scum without mercy for Eons. Chrom had joined them and now pursued his own species.

 “Faster Chrom!” ordered Solutosan. “But keep enough distance! We may have not been discovered yet. We will get them!“

As always, when he was hunting, Solutosan felt tight in his space suit, especially around the neck. That was nonsense, of course. He could have inflated himself in the suit but it would still have fit well and adjust his temperature. For this he was very thankful, because he could feel the heat under his long hair gathering around his neck.

"Holy Vraan!" Chrom had extended his fangs with excitement. "With them zigzagging around like that, I can’t possibly find any target coordinates. Where do they want to go?"

Solutosan didn’t care about the course of the Bacanis. It was ridiculous to assume that their spacecraft would hold up with the speed and armament of his cruiser.  He would snap them before their destination!

He clutched the armrests of his chair. "Maybe they think they are clever! But we're faster! "


Aiden shook her long red hair furiously. "How can you do this shit, Ben? For years, we’ve struggled with the city administration and now this?"

The collapsed junkie knelt with hunched shoulders in their street worker bus, unable to answer. He was simply too tired and too full.

Aiden looked at him with an angry glance. "People have seen and clearly identified you! The drug-room is located on the Ingra Street, and you leave your garbage right next to the playground!"

Doris Bohlen, the most experienced among the Calgary Helpers was wrapped in a red parka. She climbed to Ben on the back seat. "Stop picking on him, Aiden."

She turned to Ben. "Want some tea?" Ben lifted his gaze with his tiny pupils.

"Oh, damn!" Aiden jumped out of the VW bus. Now she really needed some fresh air. She had long fought for their non-profit association with the authorities to find a place for the homeless, the drunks and the junkies. She and her team had established a small kitchen, where there was something to eat at all times and where people could shower. A small, clean room was also provided for the local drug addicts to consume their drugs. All of that was in danger now.

  She trudged around the bus, helpless and angry. "I'll tell you something." Aiden put her head into the side door of the bus. "We are clearing away the rubbish now!"

Ben lifted his head with his greasy hair.

"Ben? Let’s go. You will help me. Then I'll call Mr. Martin at the city council and try to calm him down. Let’s go!” Aiden stretched out her hand to Ben.

  He picked himself up without paying attention to the hand. She opened the driver's door, grabbed some latex gloves and a garbage bag and trotted off with Ben. She did not care whether she was seen with the worst junkie in Calgary. She looked at him sideways. His nose was running. The man was a wreck.

She shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her jacket. For years she had to deal with drunks and broken people – she almost never got to know normal men, except perhaps the pencil pushers she quarreled with over money. Sometimes she was quite fed up with that.

The playground was deserted, as Aiden and Ben entered it. The junkie tried to orient himself.

"Now tell me where this stuff is already," she snapped. Indiscriminately, he pointed first to a bench, then to the sand box, and finally in the vicinity of the swing. "Holy shit!" An icy gust of wind whirled her to find the package with a syringe. "You make me crazy, Ben," she snapped. He only nodded resignedly.


Psal tapped her fingers impatiently on the edge of her keyboard. She wanted to get her claws out: Pok was getting on her last nerve. There he stood again, his bloodshot eyes looking over their control panel, staring at her. "Go to the side, Pok," she hissed to him. "You are covering the screen!"

    To be the only woman on a spacecraft with a rough gang of Bacanis was really a tough job. But she had accepted the job and fit firmly with the guys.

    Psal activated the panoramic view on the screen, because Pok was still not moving.

    "Pok! Don’t get in Psal’s way when she is working! "Finally, Bar, the leader of the gang, stepped in. He had sat behind her, turning on one of the rotating chairs.

    Pok finally moved biting his tongue.

    Psal looked at the screen again. What was that? They zoomed in closer! "We are being pursued!"

    Bar jumped up and stood, legs apart, staring at the screen. "I see it! Damn it! One hundred percent the Duocarns!" Krran, his second officer, was immediately at his side.

    "Where to now?" gasped Psal. "If they catch us, we are dead! I've heard that these warriors do not take prisoners!" Her heart pounded as she called up the star maps on the computer.

    "You are the navigator!" hissed Bar, turning to her. His fangs were fully extended.

    Psal’s fingers searched the maps with trembling hands. "The Centaur System! It’s the best choice, close enough! They won’t find us there!"

    "What are you waiting for?" creaked Bar.  “Set course!"

    Psals fingers flew over the console. She brought the ship to full speed. To her great fortune, the moons of Duonalia had turned recently, pushing the veil in her direction. Psal tried to delve into it to get more coverage. She did not know how well armed the Duocarns were. Maybe they would even fire on the ship. She looked at her hands and tried to suppress the tremor, because Bar had them in plain view. Betray no weakness, she thought.

    Bar now stood beside her. "Can`t we go any faster?"

    "No! We're on maximum speed!" His high-handed posturing got on her nerves."Well you get out there and push, if you want!" she growled.

    Bar gnashed his teeth, but did not answer. He turned back, rigid and authoritarian, in front of the main screen. "What's that?" He pointed with the claw to a black, slowly growing area.

    Psal quickly looked at the maps. "No idea, no records of anything, nothing charted!" The spacecraft was closer to the Duocarns. The cruiser clearly outperformed their ship in size and speed.

    "I do not want to die here! Fly inside there!” roared Bar.

    "What?" she shivered, stunned. "Who knows what that is? Or what is behind it? It could be very dangerous!"
"I do not care!" screamed Bar. "Do you think the Duocarns are harmless?"


Next part coming soon!

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